challenge 32: hunchback of notre dame

okay, so challenge 32: hunchback of notre dame closes in 2 days and there are 0 submissions. this has never happened before. it's really sad! 10 people voted for hunchback of notre dame over food & drink, so are none of you participating?

also, i had to close LIMS because there was only 1 submission. so i'm unsure what's happening to the community. 1 submission in LIMS, and no submission in a new challenge makes me wonder if anyone is even bothered about participating in disneytheme anymore. :( i have promoted, asked people personally to join and get involved, and before i went on hiatus with the community we used to have a really active community and tons of submissions!

please submit icons into challenge 32: hunchback of notre dame. there are 2 days left, and depending on how many submissions there are by tomorrow, i will announce the deadline extension. if there are still no submission, then, i guess i may have to rethink getting this community back.

please consider! thank you ♥

challenge 31: comeback challenge voting

i'm sorry for the delay, it was due to dead links in the submission. thank you to the people who re-submitted, and here's the voting as usual. thank you! ♥
please ignore the empty spaces. a lot of the links submitted are dead links, and i don't have time to reupload to a new server and that's not my responsibility :[ i didn't think they'd all be dead links. just ignore the spaces please!

everyone please vote :3

challenge 31: artists choice voting
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good luck everyone!

there is still only one submission only for LIMS. please? if i still only have 1 submission by friday i am not going to be running LIMS :( the LIMs is here: LIMs round 1!

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only 12 people voted in the poll of what should be challenge 32. due to the delay of getting the voting up of challenge 31, please continue voting if you haven't already. you can vote here (i'm sorry it isn't lj voting!)

i'm not going to put the challenge up until challenge 31 voting is up and running. this also gives you time to think about, and participate in the first LIMS here on disneytheme! we still only have 1 participate. that's bleak :[ i was expecting many more by now, guys! the theme of challenge 1 is dresses so please come over, see the post and submit your icon! it only takes 1 icon. that won't take you long to create! :)

LIMS one: challenge 1 dresses HERE

!IMPORTANT notice challenge 31: comeback challenge artists choice

so i went to post the voting post for challenge 31: comeback challenge. i had it all done, after spending 30 minutes on it, and posted it to find 60% of the URLs you guys had given me were in fact dead. it will take me all night to upload these to my own server and re-do the post.

* comment with your icon URLS in this post below. all comments are screened. please make sure you upload your icons to a reliable uploader.
~ only submit your icons that YOU made yourself and are NEW for challenges.

one of the reasons i think this may have happened is because you are submitted old icons, that have been uploaded on your photobucket/whatever accounts for a long time so they have either got deleted or old. that's ok, but look at the rule above that icons should be new for challenges. submitting old icons, that you may have possibly shown somewhere else before, is cheating. i understand that this may not be the case, but i'm just raising that point.

please do not submit dead links. i do not have the time to sit here and re-upload them, that is your own responsibility if you want to icons to be submitted into voting. please resubmit your icons if you name is below, you have 48 hours. if you don't understand how to submit icons, let me know. please use or and submit the URL. please check to make sure it is working before submitting. your icons are lovely and i want them to all go into voting! i don't want voting to be postponed very long.

- truthanderror example of 1 of your dead links here
- cheryllynnicons example of 1 of your dead links here
- hopelesslynuts example of dead link here

go here if you can't remember the icons you submitted.

thank you.

challenge 30: tangled winners

first place
herphotolife + 5 votes

(thank you so much!!)

second place
mist_and_foam + 3 votes

third place paperdreamss + 2 votes

best "faceless" special category 1 herphotolife
thank you so much! i feel like i shouldn't participate, lol!

best "flirty" special category 2 summer_luvn

mods choice fire_sister

thank you everyone. ♥
don't forget to participate in LIMS!!!! it just started!! :D click here to participate :)

disneytheme LIMS 1: themes only. CONTEST #1: dresses

LIMS: themes only, contest #1: dresses
i plan on disneytheme hosting many LIMS rounds. this is the first. there are no sign-ups. to sign-up, you must participate in this round. by participating, you are signed up for the whole contest.

1] this LIMS will have 10 challenges.
2] each challenge to have a theme, but no disney movie given. this means you can use whatever disney movies you like as long as your icon fits the theme.
3] after each voting, there will be someone who gets disqualified due to the results. it's survival of the fittest!
4] to toughen it up, some challenges will have the images you must use supplied and you may use these only.
5] to join and compete you must participate in this contest #1: dresses.
6] you can not choose to join in further contests for this LIMS if you do not participate in this one.

this is not a regular challenge. if you participate in this, you are expected to participate in all other contest rounds until you either get disqualified or win. i'm just speeding it up by cutting sign-ups out and allowing 'sign ups' to be participation for the first round

1] ONLY sign-up by participating in this contest #1 if you are going to participate IN THE REST OF THE CONTESTS. don't sign-up, then go missing. you don't have to sign-up to vote. anyone can vote when voting goes up in 5 days time.
2] please have a go! i encourage you. this isn't a "omg your icons must be FLAWLESS~" lims contest. creativity is the only thing we ask for.
3] LIMS challenges will have the same basic rules as all challenges. you will have a deadline, your icons must be new, and so on. the only difference is that you can only submit one icon per challenge only. just one!
4] if you sign-up (e.g participate now), you MUST participate in voting.
5] all following rules will be listed in challenges like usual.

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challenge 32 voting

please vote in the below poll for what you want to be challenge 32.
also, we really need new suggestions. the challenge schedule is looking bare. please suggest movies AND themes (e.g fairies, funny characters, costumes... anything) comments are screened!

what should be challenge 32?
hunchback of notre dame
food and drink